Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan says the world is losing trust in South Africa and has called on leaders in government to regain this trust. He said pleads with politicians and leaders at all level to please join hands together in making sure South Africa gains its former status.

Gordhan was speaking at the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation heritage day banquet on Saturday night.

He says government leaders must wake up and rededicate themselves to building democracy.

“The public, throughout the world and in South Africa, is losing trust in us that we’re here not to work for them, we’re here to work for ourselves. That everything we do is meant to enrich us not better the lives and positions of the citizens.

“And this trust, which many leaders at the G20 level three weeks ago in China spoke about it quite openly as well, is something that can lead to all sorts of phenomenon.

And so we need to go out of our way, both those in government and outside of government, to regain the public trust and again some leader in the ANC have been talking about this as well.”