ANCYL has ordered South Africans to apologize to Pres. Zuma for all the insults they’ve rained on him. The youth wing said the country needs to apologise to the Pres. particularly because of the insults he received from his recent cabinet reshuffle.

ANCYL secretary general Njabulo Nzuza has said those who repeatedly called for Zuma to resign should apologize to him especially as the rand which was feared to crash in the international market has now stabilized.

“I think we honestly owe President Zuma an apology. He was insulted in the streets of Pretoria,” Nzuza said

Nzuza urged those criticizing Zuma to go ask for his forgiveness.

“The rand has shown strength. Zuma did not collapse the market, what then today is the argument for Zuma to step down,? he continued.

“People were saying this man [Zuma] is collapsing our economy on the basis that the rand will tumble, it will go down, investor confidence will go down, people will get poorer, we are turning into Zimbabwe; things are going to get very bad. A couple of weeks later there is financial stability in the country, financial markets are stable,” he said.