The Guptas has were always in court the whole of 2016 for corruption charges. However the family is claiming that they are the victims in this.

They believed that the whole saga is a planned politically motivated smear campaign against their businesses. according to their lawyer Van der Merwe, he said that they family is targeted because of their relationship with the President

“The application is a superfluous application, it should never have been bought, it was just a means to an end goal: and that was to smear,” Gert van der Merwe, the Gupta’s lawyer, said. “My instructions are that this campaign, executed in choir, all the same voice, and for some even overwhelming, [is] with one purpose and that is to eliminate the business of the Gupta family and to gain obvious political achievement, of which we read every day,”

“The fact of the matter is that this is the experience they’ve lived on a daily basis. We have a constitution. That constitution says until you’re found guilty you’re innocent. When you’re a Gupta it’s different. When you’re a Gupta, you’re guilty until proven innocent, and I don’t understand that,” said Van der Merwe.