The FS’s claim to be the best performing province (with a pass rate of 88,2% compared with the WC’s 86,0%) is misleading says Gavin Davies a Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister of Basic Education;

“It is possible to see from these figures how a fixation on the pass rate can mask the actual performance of the education system”.

“This is because the pass rate doesn’t take into consideration the learners who didn’t make it to matric.In 2014, there were 55 293 learners enrolled in Grade 10 in the FS. Only 26 786 of those learners actually wrote matric in 2016”.

“In the 2014, the WC had 75 791 learners enrolled in Grade 10. 50 869 of those learners wrote matric in 2016 and 43 716 passed. We have written to Minister Angie Motshekga to request an investigation into the high ‘drop-out’ rate.”