In any modern state a political party exposed for telling a blatant lie will be castigated and leaders’ heads will roll.

In the Parliamentary motion calling for the repeal of Section 25 and land expropriation without compensation Malema, as a Parliamentarian in our highest decision making body, stated it as a fact that less than 2% of land in rural areas belonged to black people, with less than 7% in urban areas. Cyril Ramaphosa, the President of this country, agreed with this on behalf of his ANC government. This is the blatant lie they keep on telling, possibly because they don’t know how to stop the rolling monster they created.

What is the real situation? In the office of the Surveyor-General 114 million hectares out of the country’s 122 million hectares are registered in title deeds. The 7,7 million undocumented hectares are in the former homelands in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape (Lebowa and Transkei/Ciskei).
Of the registered title deeds about 94 million hectares (77%) belong to private individuals. This is where it starts to become interesting: These 94 million hectares belong to approximately 6 million title holders, which of course is about one and a half times more than the TOTAL white population of 4,5 million (about 1,2 million white households). That exposes the first lie.

According to the Surveyor-General only 357 507 hectares belong to WHITE INDIVIDUALS. Ironically this amounts to 11% of land – which is perfectly normal and in accordance with the racial demographics of South Africa. But what is very sinister about this is that 84 041 “whites” in the URBAN areas of the Northern Cape allegedly own 152 624 hectares. How can anybody believe that “white” residential stands in the Northern Cape cities are about 1,8 hectares big? That is the second lie.
In South Africa as a whole only 30,4% of land belong to individuals, most of it bonded to financial institutions. About 21,9% of urban stands, farms and smallholdings belong to “whites”. In Limpopo and KZN “whites” own less than 10% of land, in Mpumalanga 12,6% and in the Eastern Cape 17,8% (even leaving out the undocumented land in Ciskei/Transkei!).

In their eagerness to turn the land issue into racial hatred and to turn their supporters into frenzied shouters at land debates Ramaphosa and Malema turned the obviously false figures for the Northern Cape into “fact”, saying that 43% of “white” farms are in the Northern Cape. They never tell their sheepish followers that the Northern Cape is not exactly ideal farming areas, with a grazing capacity of about a quarter of the rest of South Africa. This is the third lie.

Apparently the office of the Surveyor-General somehow “lost” the title deeds to the 8,1 million hectares transfered in land claims before 1994 and the approximately 5 million hectares transfered in land claims after 1995. Where are those title deeds? To whom do those farms belong? That is lie number four.
Finally, everybody know that the biggest land owners in South Africa are the mining houses, municipalities, provinces, national government and parastatals. Ramaphosa and Malema don’t tell that to the people – the fifth lie.

For Cope it is clear that Malema and Ramaphosa are continuing their clear lies, continue to incite their people, continue to make false promises to their supporters even though it means they have to demonize a section of the population. This is irresponsible. This is so immoral and unethical that one despairs whether the ANC and EFF will ever be able to turn into respectable parties again after the Zuma years.
Mosiuoa Lekota and Cope are trying to uphold the Constitution against this madness. “Al trek die leuen hoe snel, die waarheid agterhaal dit wel”.