Black First Land First (BLF) has expressed its readiness to lodge a criminal complaint against former President Thabo Mbeki.

Other prominent men on BLF’s list include Trevor Manuel, Johann Rupert, Tito Mboweni among others. The party also listed names of companies that would also face the law.

Their leader said the criminal complaint is tied to their involvement in the looting of R26 million from the Reserve Bank during the apartheid era.

BLF said it took the decision following Thuli Madonsela’s refusal to investigate the allegations as earlier requested before she vacated office, insisting that the money must be returned because it belongs to the people.

The party emphasized that the list of the implicated South Africans was drawn from the CIEX report. As gathered, the CIEX report is a document which contained a 1999 proposal from a British-based investigation firm CIEX, requesting the South African government to recover billions that were allegedly looted by some apartheid-era officials and bankers.

The report outlined that the first phase of the project was for SA government to recover about R15 billion: R3.2 billion from Absa, R3­R6 billion from Sanlam and Rembrandt, now Remgro, and about R5.5 billion from aerospatiale/Daimler-Chrysler.

The report also documented other sensitive information about the apartheid-era looting and some implicated top politicians and companies.

Base on CIEX and Health investigations, the BLF said it would lodge complaints against these perpetrators:

1. Alexander Erwin (Minister of Trade and Industry from 1994-1998)

2. Anton Rupert (founder and owner of Rembrandt). He passed away on 18 January 2006. Legal recourse must be sought against    his estate, alternatively the beneficiaries of his estate.

3. Johann Rupert (Vice­Chair of Rembrandt Group from 1989 to 2000).

4. James Havelock Cross (Deputy Governor of SARB from 1997 to 1999 and Senior Deputy Governor since 1999).

5. Thabo Mbeki (Deputy President of RSA from 1994 to 1999, and; President from1999 to 2008).

6. Dullah Omar (Minister of Justice from 10 May 1994 to 14 June 1999. Died on 13 March 2004)

7. Trevor Manuel (Minister of Finance from 4 April 1996 to 10 May 2009)1. Armscor

8. Sanlam and Rembrandt

9. Aero­spatiale/Daimler­Chrysler

10. Absa

11. Barend Du Plessis (who was in office as Minister of Finance from 1984–1992).

12. Attie Du Plessis

13. Christian Lodewyk Stals (SARB Governor from 8 August 1989 to 7 August 1999)

14. Marinus Daling (Deputy Chair of Sanlam Limited from 1993 and later from 1997 Chair of Sanlam Limited).

15. Danie Cronje (Deputy Chief Executive and Group Chief Executive of ABSA from 1987 to 1997).