South Africa’s former commander-in-chief has spoken emotionally about the dark history of the country and the disturbing issue of anti- immigrant upsurge. the ex- leader  decried the emotional era of apartheid and how African patriots played crucial role it it’s emancipation.

He says he is concerned about the events that took place last week.

“As South Africans, we should never forget the enormous sacrifices that were made by the people of Africa to help us achieve our liberation. We cannot now behave in a manner that treats other Africans, who are no residents in our country, as enemies or unwelcomed guests.”

Mbeki says attacking migrants will never solve challenges facing the country.

“Many of us know that our country faces many socio-economic challenges such as poverty and unemployment. Not even one of these problems can or will be solved by attacking fellow Africans who have joined us as migrants.”

He has urged police to investigate criminal activities reported to them by communities.