It would seem the former SA leader has finally run out of patience with the incumbent and can no longer condone the forbearing silence of inaction. Former President Thabo Mbeki says no person or institution should have more authority than the will of the people.

Mbeki was speaking in Johannesburg on Friday with former heads of state FW de Klerk and Kgalema Motlanthe at the first of many national dialogues.

Mbeki says the past three years have confirmed the urgency of this national dialogue.

“Anybody or institution who or which act in a manner in violation of the provision of the Constitution is repudiating the will of the people.”

Mbeki says part of the reason he’s joined this initiative is because it’s time for the people to speak.

Former Presidents Kgalema Motlanthe and FW de Klerk have highlighted issues relating to the economy and the lack of accountability.

A strong theme emerging from the dialogue is that South Africans need to defend the constitution.