It is incomprehensible, why they mobilised at that level  to offer the number one citizen of the country a strange gift of coffin on the day of his birth. The majority of people are dressed in EFF shirts.

IFP‚ UDM‚ DA and ACDP supporters are also in attendance‚ along with a large number of Save SA supporters.

The mood is electric‚ with opposition party members greeting each other with smiles and laughter.

An EFF truck has not stopped playing music‚ such as a “Zupta Must Fall” remix.

A mock coffin‚ bearing Zuma’s name and draped in the ANC flag‚ was hoisted by some protesters.

The square went silent as the national anthem was sung‚ many stopping in their tracks to raise a hand to their hearts as they sang.

The march is scheduled to start at 12pm‚ and will stretch to the Union Buildings.