Speaking to the media outside the Western Cape High Court, Beaulynne Volkwyn, 32, and , Niquieta volkwyn, 24, explained how they were assaulted. Photo: Robin-Lee FranckeBy Robin-Lee Francke 9h ago

Cape Town – Emotions ran high as the relatives of child murderer Melvin Volkwyn were assaulted by community members outside the Western Cape High Court on Monday.

Volwkyn was convicted for the murder of 1-year-old Orderick on August 25, despite the lack of evidence against him.

Volkwyn, a hairstylist, had maintained his innocence, saying he had handed Orderick over to his mother the morning after she was assaulted and sought medical attention.

He, however, admitted to making a “wrong decision” by taking the child to a drug house to buy a mandrax tablet, the day before the toddler’s disappearance.

Orderick’s maggot-infested body was found eight days after his disappearance on March 25, 2019, following extensive community searches in a stormwater drain in Wittebol Street, Eerste River – metres from his grandparents home.

Due to decomposition, the cause of death remains unknown.

Residents from Eersteriver along with Volkwyn’s relatives attended sentencing proceedings at the court when the incident occurred.

After an adjournment at court, Volkwyn suddenly burst into tears and he glared up to the public gallery.

Looking up to the gallery, IOL reporters could see Volwyn’s baby sister, Beaulynne Volkwyn, 32, and his niece, Niquieta Volkwyn, 24, sitting and crying.

Volkwyn alerted his defence lawyer, advocate Susanna Kuun about what had happened to his relatives.

It was during this time that state prosecutor, Advocate Robin Lewis addressed the gallery urging them to keep their emotions at bay.

Lewis told the group should another incident be reported, he would ask the acting judge, Nolundi Nyati, to order that the gallery be dismissed for the duration of the proceedings.

Members of the media immediately asked Beaulynne who had assaulted her as she had a visible knob on her forehead.

She then pointed to a grown woman, identified as a member of the Stratford Neighbourhood Watch.

Outside court, Beaulynne said the woman in question was speaking about the case outside court. She had intervened and the woman got angry because she was talking.

“I told her, aunty you cannot speak so rudely to me. She asked me who I am. I said I am Mel’s sister.

“The woman then said Mel is a n*** and he will be n*** inside (prison) and he already was. “She also swore at my mother,” she told IOL.

The Volkwyn family lost their mother 14 years ago

She said she wanted to respond and people standing around asked her not to respond and she asked why.

“Why must I keep quiet when a grown woman is talking such things to me, such ugly things?

“I wasn’t nasty to her. She is a grown woman.

“She then started shoving Niquieta around. She then started hitting her (opposite the road in front of the court). When I tried to intervene she hit me too. The other aunties then intervened,” Beaulynne said.

She said as they entered the court, the woman persisted to shout vulgar words at her and continued swearing at her deceased mother.

Beaulynne added she felt it was a right for them to attend proceedings as this was her brother who they are supporting.

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