If you’re implored to evaluate Pres. Zuma’s performance as President, will you even bother to take time and justly do as such? Or quickly submit to the popular notion that Mr President is a thievery crook who worked with the Guptas to swindle South Africans and plunder South Africa? Disregarding such facts like his move to redesign SA’s landscape for better development?

Agreeably, if we clean up Mr President’s closet, we’ll find some skeletons there. True, we can’t dismiss all the shady events the President has been linked to. There is substance to the allegations. Just as there are to the claims by the die-hard Zuma fans that he’s done great things for the country.

Arguably, our President isn’t all about corruption and massive looting.

If you’ll take time to count the things that changed for good in South Africa since Zuma became President, you’d be surprised by the great things he’s done for the country. I’d rather not bore you with the details of the Zuma’s good deeds. They’re quite not easy to recollect. For they have all, probably, been buried where they can’t be found – deep beneath the Nkandla, Guptas and state capture media reports.

But they are there. They ought to be. It’s impossible for all the Pro-Zumas to be wrong in their assessment of Mr President. If they are however, let’s start a Zuma’s good deeds count with this report.

In line with the National Development Plan directive to develop an urban development policy that will ensure proper planning, infrastructure investment and management to support growth and unlock the economic potential of South Africa’s cities and towns, the Cabinet has approved a plan designed to change SA’s landscape.

Commenting on this, Jeff Radebe – the Minister in the Presidency for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation – disclosed that the Final Integrated Urban Development Framework and 2016/19 Implementation Plan is approved.

Radebe said the plan “marks a new deal for South African cities and towns, which will steer urban growth towards a sustainable growth model of compact, connected and coordinated cities and towns, which are safer, resource efficient and good places to work and live in.”

Wonderful huh? I know. So the next time you pick up your ZumaMustFall placard, remember that the President is not all about corruption and looting. But also about certain positive changes and good deeds that are buried due to media’s and human preference for odd, unusual and scandalous stories.

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