Asked if it was true that 28 pupils at the school were pregnant, the learners responded with a resounding “yes!”

School principal Joseph Phaleni said the alarming pregnancy rate topped the list of discussion items during a parent meeting at the school last Wednesday.

He said the school management was concerned about the way pupils dressed to school.

“Their miniskirt uniform is against school policy. We [teachers] are supposed to lead by example,” said Phaleni.

Yesterday the provincial department of health said the alarming rate of pregnancies at Molautsi school raised the further question as to whether school pupils uses condoms during sex.

Limpopo’s health spokesperson, Nil Shikwambane, said they had advised school pupils to refrain from sex.

“We are working hand in glove with the department of education to make sure that the message sinks in.

Meanwhile, the education department described the Molautsi situation as an isolated one, and said other schools had policies to prevent and deal with such problems.