The Presidency is running out of patience with outspoken critics of President Jacob Zuma in the business and mining sectors‚ and would soon take actions unless they started to behave themselves‚ Deputy Mineral Resources Minister Godfrey Oliphant said on Wednesday.

Minister Oliphant spoke shortly after Anglogold Ashanti chairman Sipho Pityana unleashed his harshest attack yet on Zuma‚ calling him “the sponsor-in-chief of corruption” before a large audience of CEOs‚ fund managers and politicians at the annual Johannesburg Mining Indaba.

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Oliphant issued a warning that he did not want to hear continued criticism of the government without any solutions offered and that a change in presidency could not be forced.

“We are just saying up to so far we’ve been patient but our patience is running out. They are not angels. They can’t just keep rampaging and belittling the president in public … start behaving yourselves.

“If the industry wants to take a political posture we are ready for that and we can respond, but we are trying to be restrained. We’ve given them the warning. If they think they’ve got carte blanche … then they’re making a big blundering mistake,” he concluded.

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