Former Wits student leader and FeesMustFall agitator and Mcebo Dlamini left many jaws dropping when he arrived at the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Dlamini, a staunch member of the ANC, was spotted in ANC regalia at the camp of the Economic Freedom fighters who flooded the court arena in support of their patriarch Julius Malema.

He said he decided to show his support for “black brother” Malema because Fees Must Fall and Land Expropriation “go together”.

He disclosed that Malema’s call for land expropriation is very ‘genuine’ and timely. He added that in as much as the ANC varies from the EFF, he will ensure that the struggle for freedom and black emancipation is championed and realised in the country.

“… We remain natives, landless; we remain fugitives in our own country. Without land, with the degrees we have, they are nothing without the land. Where are you going to stay once you are a professor? In the sky? so we need the land,” Dlamini stated.


Reacting to Dlamini’s surprising support in court, EFF’s Fana Mokoena praised the young man for identifying with the truth. He bluntly alleged that the student leader’s action shows he is more matured than the entire ANC leadership.

Another social media user with the Twitter handle @Blackdiamondzi posted that Dlamini’s action shouldn’t be criticized because the ANC abandoned him when he was rotting in jail.

#FeesMustFall2016 @Blackdiamondzi said “Can’t blame former Wits student leader Mcebo Dlamini for supporting #Malema. Where were the ANC when he was languishing in jail?,” he posted.

However, another social media user, who appears to be an ANC fan said Mcebo’s action depicts he’s power hungry.

DR NGQULUNGA @Nkanyiso_ngqulu tweeted: “Mcebo Dlamini is just power hungry, looking for any Party to offer him employment because the ANC didn’t mxm!!”