The widely publicised Social Grant issue has been the topical issue of National discourse in the past week, eliciting reactions and counter reactions. Hence creating a lot of tension and panic in the country. This has necessitated President Jacob Zuma to once again reiterate  that there was no reason to panic about whether or not social grants will be paid on 1 April.

He said the matter has been blown out of proportion.

“My problem with that issue is that people are making judgements before the date,” Said President Zuma.

“They are saying many things which i don’t think is right, exciting the country.

“If we had reached the date and nothing happened, what people are saying either dismiss the minister or whatever; how could you do that before the day comes.

“That’s what’s been making me to be very reluctant to make comments. But the fact of the matter is that before i left for Indonesia, i called the Minister of Social Development and Minister of Finance to say they must work out a solution and when i come back i must get a report. That’s what i’m waiting for”, said Zuma.