The rate at which criminals disarm cops in South Africa is very alarming and disappointing to the nations security architecture. These unfortunate incidences may have contributed to the  poor outing by some police officers.

The SAPS in it’s current form may be ranked as one of the poorest equipped organisation in the world. From clunky body armor to obsolete restraining devices.

Moreover, the South Africa Police Service have admitted that there are sufficient equipment to combat the increasing crime wave in the country.

There has been different reported cases where police officials were caught and arrested for siphoning guns and bullets from the police arsenals to aid criminals as well as vital information to facilitate their nefarious operations.

But some cops have emphasised that bullets given for operations should not be restricted as criminal elements are usually more sophisticated and armed to the teeth during their attacks. They referenced the incessant car-in-transit heist where the attackers were often found with sophisticated ammunition.

However, it has been noted that if security operatives were enabled with more sophisticated tools, their task could be made lighter. A situation in which they were better equipped that the criminals.