This after the governing party in the country’s economic hub resolved during its elective conference at the weekend that e-tolls must be scrapped.

ANC Gauteng secretary Jacob Khawe, who was elected at the weekend, was quoted as saying: “This [ANC provincial] conference made the call that e-tolls must go; we say away with e-tolls.”

It was reported that the party said a task team would be set up to look at scrapping the e-tolls.

The ANC in the province decided to take the lead in campaigns for the scrapping of the e-tolls. The party said its campaign action would include peaceful marches to the provincial and national governments.

Shivambu said it had become a habit of the ANC in Gauteng to resolve matters without any action being taken.

He tweeted: “It’s now a habit of the ANC Congresses in Gauteng to take resolution that e-tolls must be scraped, do nothing about it, take another resolution, and will do NOTHING.”

The EFF leader described the party in the province as a “collective incapacity, incompetence and cowardice”.