An attempt to find out if the NPA and its boss Shaun Abrahams were truly captured has begun to meet with success.

Replying to a parliamentary question on Friday on his dramatic U-turn on fraud charges against Minister Gordhan, Abrahams insisted that neither he nor the authority has been captured as speculated.

He maintained that he dropped Gordhan’s charges immediately he found that Gordhan, Pillay, and Magashula lacked the requisite intention to act unlawfully.

Asked if the ANC administration uses the organization to witch hunt oppositions, the NPA boss denied the speculations, stressing that he can confidently affirm that the NPA is impartial and fair.

“If the NPA is fair and impartial, why then did you charge Gordhan barely 24 hours after you met President Zuma and other top politicians at Luthuli House? the MPs asked Abrahams.

He answered that he coincidentally ran into President Zuma that day. He disclosed that his presence at the ANC headquarters was not for Gordhan’s downfall neither was he discussed in the course of the meeting as widely speculated.

“The issue of the charges against Gordhan was not discussed at this meeting at all. All that was discussed was the Fees Must Fall protest violence. My attendance at the meeting should be viewed in the prevailing circumstances of the day‚ not in the light of the matters related to Gordhan‚” Abrahams said.

Shaun Abrahams shockingly dropped a bombshell about Hawks Head Lieutenant-General Berning Ntlemeza.

He said while he was getting ready to announce Gordhan’s acquittal, Ntlemeza called at the eleventh hour and earnestly pleaded with him not to drop the charges.

Abrahams, however, admitted that he brushed off the call  because he had made his final decision before Hawks boss communicated him.

“I had made my final decision earlier that afternoon‚ prior to receiving further communication from the Hawks…..,” he confessed.

He admitted that there’s a widespread public misconception about his role as the national director of public prosecutions, nevertheless, he maintained that neither he nor the NPA has been captured.