ANC, EFF and BLF politicians must be very careful about their wild accusations against white South Africans. In fact the ANC has killed more black people than Apartheid and Colonialism put together.

All the stupid allegations and accusation against white South Africans are just rubbish. If there was any atrocity that white South Africans committed surely the ANC, EFF and others can take it to the UN and the International Criminal Court, in a democracy we use the courts to test the truthfulness of all allegations.

The ANC, EFF etc can only fool very few people in South Africa, the so-called “liberation movements” were themselves criminals, ANC killed people in Marikana and no one is arrested , Life Esidimeni and no one is arrested, State Capture no one is arrested, EFF illegal cigarette fundings no one is arrested, if you cannot arrest your own criminals then you have a problem.