Joblessness is thriving at it’s peak in South Africa and the country’s Finance Minister has declared the plight, a national emergency.
Pravin Gordhan made the proclamation while he was addressing a youth employment conference in Stellenbosch on Tuesday.

The Minister said unskilled and unemployed South Africans have constituted a national emergency.

He said, “youth without jobs and youth without training is not the kind of South Africa we want.”

“This does constitute a national emergency,” Gordhan stated as he called on South Africans who have cooperatives with work opportunities to offer them and keep the young South Africans engaged.

“We have lots of them in South Africa. If we organize them in the right kind of way we will not have young people sitting in despair,” added the Minister.

The minister said that giving the youths adequate employment will help reduce crime rate in the country. He lamented that once the youths have something doing, they will be off the streets.

Acknowledging that the legacy of apartheid prevented many young people from attaining their dreams, Gordhan called on the government, private and public businesses to assist in the creation of jobs for the youths.

The jobs he argued, will help the young citizens become productive and useful to themselves, their families and the country at large.

“…Young people can firstly, know where to get to, get into it, learn from it and acquire skills that are required and come out from it as a productive South African.”

Being productive citizens, he said, will give young South African dignity.

Meanwhile, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga said government is hard at work to create 11 million jobs by 2030. That, she said, will reduce the unemployment rate to 6 percent.