Days after the seemingly treacherous and fortuitous public call by Edward Zuma for the immediate arrest of his father and the deportation of the influential Gupta family out of the country.

The soap box is becoming too hot for the Zumas, as more maddening disaffection threatens to rip apart the number one family.

An inside source in the presidency who spoke in confidence to revealed that there was a heated loud verbal exchanges at Luthuli House  between father and son, with elements of deadly threats spewing out to and fro, to the utter consternation of some of the security aids and members of staff.

The sad altercation which lasted for several minutes, suggesting that the strong disaffection and acrimony might bring an end to whatever is left of their presently sour relationship. In a barrage of anger, the report claimed Edward threatened to leak more sordid act of his father to the general public. These were the exact except of the controversial interview:

In a response on Ramatlhodi’s claims‚ Edward said: “I would say‚ arrest all of them because to me they are all criminals.”

“Everybody that is involved in that conspiracy‚” he said when asked who he was referring to.

“But your father‚ the president‚ is fingered as suspect number one in state capture‚” interviewer JJ Tabane interjected.

“My father‚ being the president‚ doesn’t therefore necessarily mean he is immune to this and that‚” Edward replied.But later in the interview he appeared to contradict himself: “The former minister is just dreaming. He wishes things were on his side… he is part of the problem. Ngoako Ramatlhodi is part of the problem… and we cannot solve the problem with someone who is part of the problem.”