An embattle South African nurse has been summarily relieved of her duty at the hospital, after releasing sensitive and delicate information about one of President Jacob Zuma’s wife to the media.

In addition to the above revelation‚ the nurse also had a go at the president: “I’m disgusted. We pay for his wife’s and his children. Why are they better than the tax paying South Africans.  Zuma you are a disgrace to this country. I wished it was you in hospital dying of a heart attack.”

Hospital management was alarmed by the post at the weekend‚ which referred to Zuma’s “wife number four”.

Health professionals are not allowed to reveal patients medical details to the public or another person without the patient’s consent.

“The employee in question has not only defied a code of practice adhered to throughout the healthcare world‚ she has also blatantly contravened legislation and our company policies and has behaved in a manner completely contrary to our values by breaching the sanctity of the commitment to maintain confidential all details about any patient‚” hospital manager Louis Vanderhoven said in a statement.

Zuma’s spokesman and the ANC could not be reached for comment by  Hinnewssa.