President Jacob Zuma is the country’s number one “criminal” and should be in jail with disgraced Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius. That’s according to National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) president Andrew Chirwa.

He said this while addressing the union’s 10th national congress in Cape Town on Monday afternoon.

 He said one needed no research to know that one could get whiffs of Zuma’s alleged corruption a million miles away.

“He is not different to Oscar Pistorius … he should be sitting (in jail) with Oscar‚” said Chirwa.

He said the only difference between Zuma and Pistorius was that the President was free.

“He is singing Inde lendlela (the road is still long) …he is right‚ the road to jail is long‚” said Chirwa.

In his address‚ he also attacked Blade Nzimande‚ the Higher Education Minister‚ as well as the African National Congress and South African Communist Party.

Chirwa said Nzimande failed when the #FeesMustFall protesters called for free education by alleging that there was a third force behind the students’ actions.

“He wants us to believe that students – by making a genuine call – have been infiltrated‚” he said.

He said there was also no way for the SACP to redeem itself as they were the first ones to defend Zuma when the issue of the Gupta family was first raised.

Speaking about the ANC‚ he said: “There is no other way for the ANC‚ except to the dustbin of history.”

He said the party would never rule the Western Cape again.

“Jesus has come back very quickly for Zuma‚” he said.