The new Public Protector made headlines last week, when she fired Bonginkosi Dhlamini who happened to be the former Chief of Staff to Thuli, he predecessor.

The media reported that she asked her security guys to kick the former Chiefs of staff out from the office, lots of people didn’t like the news, as it was received with a mixed feeling where some people said it wasn’t right and some said she did what she was supposed to do.

There was a press release yesterday, where the PP explained something including why she fired Dhlamini,

According to her she said her reason was none other than he decision to work with her own team, people she can trust, saying that her predecessor did the same thing;

“it is common practice that when a new head of institution takes office‚ they prefer their private office to be run by people they have appointed themselves.” “The private office is similar to a ministry in government circles. Even Adv. Mkhwebane’s predecessor (Madonsela) brought her own team of aides when she took office and‚ at that point‚ staff that previously worked with Adv. Lawrence Mushwana were redeployed elsewhere.”