The six-day policy conference which the ANC had punted as a platform for deepening unity and vigorous debate, draws to an end with President Jacob Zuma’s closing address to wrap up proceedings. President Zuma suggests ANC should have two deputy presidents to accomodate the losing presidential candidate.   Opposition parties are snippets, pieces that came out of the ANC. They are small.  I believe we need to get rid of factions. Says they’ve become emboldened.  Our problem has never been ideological

Speaking on factionalism, Zuma says the ‘winner takes all’ attitude is not in the best interest of the people, noting that  all of us feel very strongly that factions are not good for the ANC.factions and slates eroding ANC. We have to find solution. Polokwane saw lots of good leaders leaving the ANC.

Zuma emphasising unity, saying losers shouldn’t be pushed out of ANC. We must find space for them.