Pres. Zuma is on the news again but this time a scathing attack has been launched on him. Since his recent cabinet reshuffle that got Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mr Jonas to lose their jobs, the president have not been having it easy.

Independent Media columnist and author Eusebius McKaiser said Pres. Zuma’s new policy about bringing a radical economic transformation is meaningless and a political scam.

The author described Zuma’s ‘radical economic transformation’ as a meaningless phrase which is now almost as much a part of other South Africa’s lexicon as koeksister, chisa nyama, commission of inquiry and Nkandla.

Eusebius McKaiser said the so-called “radical economic transformation” is a bit of gibberish that should not be taken seriously.

“For at least 10 years now I have grappled with popular words and phrases such as ‘ubuntu’ and ‘the national question’. I may have to give up soon. Life’s too short. This brings me to the latest such phrase that I outright refuse to grapple with. I am referring to ‘radical economic transformation’. It truly is a bit of gibberish that should not be taken seriously.

”He is just scamming South Africans again,” he said.

President Jacob Zuma launched his sweeping programme of “radical economic transformation” at the beginning of the year which according to him, would seek to change the ownership and control of the economy through legislation and empowerment regulations.

Zuma said having just political freedom isn’t just enough without economic emancipation. Hence, the radical economic Transformation will bring about fundamental change in the structure, systems, institutions and patterns of ownership, management and control of the economy.

“Today we are starting a new chapter of radical economic transformation. We are moving beyond words.”Zuma said, adding that government would “utilize to the maximum strategic levers that are available to the state” including legislation.

McKaiser wrote that the words are meaningless and since it was uttered by someone like Zuma, the intent behind such words needs to be well unmasked.

“A functional analysis of the purpose the phrase ‘radical economic transformation’ serves is much more important than the terms Zuma gives to it. Therefore, we should start by unmasking the intent behind the phrase’s usage, especially when uttered by the likes of President Jacob Zuma,” he said.

He said the fact that Zuma is already losing grip of his allies faster than the rand is losing value, he has to try both to reward his remaining allies and to ensnare some of his critics.

Hence the newly coined meaningless phrase whose function is to persuade allies in the left of the alliance that he, Zuma, is still committed to fighting economic injustices inherent in a neoliberal, capitalist economic order, McKaiser said.

“Zuma, we now know, turned out to be a disaster so horrifically bad that if Zuma and Mbeki were to run for president of the country tomorrow in a makeshift election, the likes of Blade Nzimande and Zwelinzima Vavi would have nightmares about who to vote for. They would probably abstain or cross the border into a place called exile.

“Zuma thinks that by using meaningless phrases such as ‘radical economic transformation’ he can regain the historic Polokwane moment. This foolish man does not accept that his time has expired.”

Eusebius McKaiser concluded by saying that the country is currently experiencing a painful final movie scene that the directors- the ANC NEC- should have cut much earlier but failed to do so because of their self-serving creative differences.

If Zuma wanted to transform the economy radically, he should have done so from 2009. He had the power all along. But he failed because he never gave a damn about anyone other than himself, his family and his handlers, he ended saying.