Western superpowers are determined to destabilise the ANC, even using party members to further their agenda, President Jacob Zuma said in Mpumalanga during a party rally on Saturday.

“These countries that now act like the love us, loved apartheid. That is why they want to remove the ANC. They know we want to strengthen our relations with those who helped us during the struggle. We can’t abandon them after they helped us. That is why these Western countries are not happy.”

Zuma said that when former ANC president Oliver Tambo asked for help and military training from the West to fight the apartheid government, he was turned away by countries that now want a piece of the country.

“Our enemies from outside don’t love us. They help these ones giving them money to destroy the organisation. When we were in the struggle we deployed Tambo to go to countries in the West for help to train us in military combat. They refused.

“The socialist countries came to our aid. It was Russia who trained us and helped us with the tools to fight. China and other socialist countries helped us.”

He told supporters that the West was trying to destroy the ANC because it had joined the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (Brics) association of emerging economies.

“They are fighting us because we joined Brics. Some are in ANC gear but are in the company of the West. We are at war. We are going to protect the ANC,” he said.