Pres. Zuma has slammed a court bid to have Shaun Abrahams dismissed, saying that it is an “abuse of court process”.

It was revealed that Pres. Zuma had sent a letter to Abrahams requesting him to provide reasons as to why he should not be suspended pending an inquiry into his fitness to hold office.

Despite suggesting earlier in the week that there would be an inquiry into Abrahams’s fitness to hold office, Pres. Zuma said in an affidavit that no decision has been taken regarding the inquiry.

“It is untrue that the decision to suspend or to hold an enquiry is a foregone conclusion as alleged by the applicants. The decision is not a foregone conclusion as all relevant facts and circumstances should be taken into account,” Pres. Zuma said.

Although Zuma has yet to make a decision on Abrahams’s fate, he said that, as the presidency had begun the process of reviewing the matter, the courts should dismiss the case.

“The honourable court should show its displeasure against the applicants and dismiss the application with costs,” Zuma said.

The president also said that the Helen Suzman Foundation and Freedom Under Law’s court bid was an attempt to usurp his power and invite the “court to run the country through the courts”.

There have been widespread calls for Abrahams to step down. This latest application is just one example of the pressure civil society has attempted to exert following the NPA’s decision to charge Gordhan and then withdraw the case based on a lack of evidence.