Ever since a great number of the country’s population collectively spoke out against number one without success and the desirable changes, the president has now been hit below the belt.It all dawn on the president as a shock, when SACP General Secretary Solly Mapaila, says  “the first person to bite the dust should be President Zuma.” He spoke about his abuse and disrespect for court orders and other heavy scandals weighing around his neck.

“If the ANC is unable to remove Zuma then the people of South Africa will remove him and they will also remove the ANC,” Mapaila said.He further reiterated that the president’s time is way up in the country. He referred to his continuing grip of power as the sorry last kicks of a dying man.

The SACP general secretary was speaking to reporters at a media briefing in Braamfontein on Friday where civil society organisations and political parties outlined their plan for a national day of action against President Jacob Zuma.

He chastised  Brian Molefe’s reinstatement as Eskom CEO and further highlighted the unstoppable catastrophe.