After the interview hosted by Power FM, most South Africans didn’t expect for Pres. Zuma to defend himself so soon.

President Zuma has hit back by talking about how South Africans are in need of back bones, he added that they were not born with any.

A few years ago when Thabo Mbeki was president I Zuma stood in front of masses and attended numerous interviews on TV to tell my country what they needed to hear, he said.

”During the struggle, i fought alongside Thabo Mbeki, we ran the affairs of SA together, now he has turned his back on a comrade and goes to media houses to give interviews.”

”Mbeki should have talked to me privately not in the media. Considering the political tension and pressure, Mbeki is killing the ANC.

Mbeki must declare if he is of the ANC or the opposition, stated angry Pres. Zuma.

With all my well practiced shades they fell for it and embraced me just like they are now embracing Thabo Mbeki now.

President Zuma was addressing some ANCYL members who paid him a courtesy visit in his Nkandla homestead yesterday.

He was apparently very upset by Mbeki’s comments during the interview.