President Jacob Zuma who was allegedly accused of raping a HIV patient back in 2005 has been diagnosed of prostate cancer last week.

The cancer is believed to be on stage 4 and already spreading to other parts of his body.

The presidency was not planning on revealing the unfortunate news but Jacob Zuma’s strong and eldest son Edward Zuma told a local newspaper about his father’s cancer.

Few weeks ago, Edward also shocked the control by saying in an interview that all those fingered in the state capture should be arrested and prosecuted including his father.

It is not much clear if the president can survive this one. Stage 4 cancer is a much advanced stage of cancer and unfortunately for the president, it had already spread to his testicles and penis as per information provided by his son.

Edward Zuma said South Africans deserve to know about his father’s state of health.

”He used to say bangishaye ngesifulane until the doctor proved it cancer.,” he stated.

There is no official report from the presidency confirming this.

Prostate cancer may be accompanied by a variety of urinary symptoms. Depending on the size and location, a tumor may press on and constrict urethra, inhibiting the flower of urine.

Some prostate cancer signs related to urination include;

  • Burning or pain during urination.
  • Difficulty urinating or trouble starting or dropping while urinating.
  • More frequent urge to urinate at night.
  • Loss of bladder control.
  • Blood in urine. (hematuria)