The president has refused to hold back his continuing scathing attacks on a section of the citizens in the Republic of South Africa. “Our people must be able to control‚ administer and enjoy the economy … now you must be removed because you are trying to make black people wiser‚” Zuma, speaking through an interpreter, told the Twelve Apostles of Christ Church in Umgababa, south of Durban, on Sunday.

“You saw the people in those marches; the type of people who have never marched before. The time of poverty among blacks must end. Even if they remove the president who says this‚ the next one will do the same‚” he added.

Zuma said he would not stepdown. “If Zuma must leave because he is telling the truth, he cannot just walk away.” His comments were in contrast with Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who said leaders should listen to the concerns raised by the thousands of South African protesters who recently took to the streets.

“They are active participants in the democracy of our country and they are right to be concerned. “They want their country to work well. They want this country to win; so we should welcome the concerns that the people are raising,” he noted.