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President Jacob Zuma has been observed to be characteristically intractable for many years now, he seem to have mastered the sticky and sly dynamics of the political Art and science. ANC veteran and author, Sindiso Mfenyana, has confirmed that the ANC integrity commission initially recommended President Jacob Zuma to step aside.


Mfenyana said that President Jacob Zuma argued against the move, saying that he felt misunderstood and had ‘certain reasons for doing what he was doing.’

Even after a second hearing, the integrity commission still felt that the President should step aside ‘for the good of the organisation.’

He also said he believed his removal ‘was not going to changMfenyana says members of the commission are here to push for their findings to be cemented into the ANC constitution, so that their findings, such as the recommendations on President’s Zuma’s fitness to hold office, would be enforcable.e things.’

When asked, he said that he believes past ANC Presidents would have handled the situation differently.

“President Thabo would have handled the situation differently from the current president.”