The previous administration’s poor economic policies severely affected the South African economy, by creating a terrible unemployment situation as well as driving the economy into junk status.

Another major impediment  faced by the Ramaphosa ANC-led administration is  the issues of insecurity of lives and property in the country.

President Cyril Ramaphosa espoused on the need to stimulate the economy and has called on farmers to increase food production in other to boost the nation’s economy and quell the effect of hunger in the land.

He noted that his administration will promote favourable government policies that will help farmers stimulate the economy.

But some respondents have expressed the hypocritical nature of government, where by it appears soft on farm murderers but demands productivity from the endangered populace.

Presently, the number of the population growing cash crops and staple food reduced drastically in recent years owing to the multiple incidences of farm attacks and the poor handling of the situation.

Statistics show that the percentage of food production in the country has grossly reduced and if nothing is done to salvage the situation, the economy will be affected as more people are likely to go hungry from the lack of means to afford the limited farm produces which will automatically go for high prices.


At the moment the fuel price is a source of concern to many and there appears to be no immediate solution to fix the situation.