Presi. Zuma’s eldest son Edward Zuma has admitted that bearing the surname Zuma can sometimes be a burden.

Speaking to reporters recently, E. Zuma said despite the dark cloud hanging over his father, he and his siblings live a normal life like any other kid.

He said as Zuma’s son, most people expect him to go an extra mile in carrying out certain responsibilities. In addition, Zuma said at other times, a lot of people do expect him to perform some miracles and bravely confront certain challenges.

Being the son of the president doesn’t give him access to certain things. In fact, he confessed there are things he didn’t get on a platter of gold, but through hard work.

“It’s very difficult. There are lots of challenges. People expect you to do miracles when you cannot. People tend to think you are the deputy head of state when you are not. People have a very wrong perception that if you are Jacob Zuma’s son, everything comes your way on a silver plate,” Zuma said.

He admitted that he did make his way to the top using his father’s name or his position in the country. He, however, vowed not to do so because his father believes in equality, fairness, service and selflessness.

He admitted that he would have been set free or probably have his name cleared in his long-running tax evasion legal battle. But, he said the reverse is the case, as he is still carrying the cross “like any other citizen”.

On how he sees his father’s present political career, Edward Zuma said it’s glaring white monopoly capitalists are behind his woes.

These so-called capitalists, he alleged, having been fighting to take over the government like they did years ago. “The real people that have stolen money from this country are the people that are persecuting us,” he said.

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