Chairman of AngloGold Ashanti Sipho Pityana has called on South Africans to prepare themselves for Post-Zuma era.

The business chief asserted that now is the right time for South Africans to prepare themselves in all ramifications because Zuma will soon be pushed out of power.

Pityana, a die-hard critic of President Zuma said the president needs to leave because he is the worst president the ANC has ever produced.

He disclosed that Zuma’s dismissal will not be the end of the journey but a stepping stone towards building a better and enviable South Africa – free from corruption and selfishness.

Pityana vowed to use everything in him to seal South Africans’ freedom from the shackles of Zuma’s tyranny. He stated that there is need to set the rules and standard for Zuma’s successor, adding that the political party the individual will come from will not be a problem.

“I will work hard, sparing neither strength nor energy; daring the most vicious of my enemies to make sure I see the day Jacob Zuma goes down.

I will celebrate as enthusiastically as I did the demise of the apartheid regime and that day is not very far and I hope you will join me,” he said.

Pityana, who doubles as the conveyor of the South Africa Campaign said Zuma defiled the constitution by enriching and putting himself and family first the masses. This act, he insists must be overturned very soon.

“He thinks that it’s the ANC first then the country next. I suspect if pressed a little harder; it will be his wives first, maybe his children first, then ANC and others,” he opined.

Sipho Pityana was speaking on Thursday night during the launch of a book titled Rogue: The inside story of SARS’s elite crime-busting unit by former employees Johan Van Loggerenberg and Adrian Lackay.