President Jacob Zuma has again hit out at his critics, saying he’s viewed as dangerous because he has influence and remains an enemy of white monopoly capital.

He was speaking at the Cadres Forum in KwaDukuza in KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday, where he questioned the Public Protector’s State of Capture report, saying it’s now being used to call on him to resign.

Pres. Zuma bragged that there’s no political organisation in South Africa that can take on the African National Congress (ANC), even if they collude with each other.

He thanked citizens for voting for the ruling party, saying a percentage decrease is not a disease and democracy continues to be at work.

He alluded to some political parties and says they’ve been “bought” by white monopoly capital to influence the way the ANC runs the country because the ruling party remains an enemy to them.

”Gone are the days when the whole country and the Economy is dominated by whites, ANC is here to put an end to that,” he stated.

However, he hinted that he has more information about some of his critics, which he may reveal one day.


The ANC supporters in attendance said they’ll continue to defend him and want to see him complete his term in 2019.

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