Pres. Zuma on Friday said SA was not liked globally because it was independent and chose to join the Brics group.

“[When we were in the struggle] We did not even go to that bank called the IMF and the World Bank to ask for money,” he told a cadres’ forum at the Pietermaritzburg City Hall.

“Most people do not like this because we cannot be told what to do.

“That is not all. When the Brics group was formed, it was Bric in the beginning: Brazil, Russia, India and China. We joined later and it became Brics, it is a small group but very powerful.”

He said the group had interfered with the global balance of forces, and western countries “did not like Brics.”

“China is going to be number one economy leader. In fact they are number one currently, they are scared to announce it.”

He said the five countries were a threat to western countries, and there was a balance of forces in the new global formation.

Russia and China are members of the UN Security Council, and the group was in the process of creating its own bank.

Pres. Zuma said these were the reasons why South Africa was not wanted.

“They want to dismantle this Brics,” he continued.

“We have had seven votes of no confidence in South Africa. In Brazil, the president was removed. They like to talk bad about the Chinese economy. What is important is that the relationship between these countries is growing.

“The reason why they are in relations with us is to forge good relations, not because they previously colonised us.”


Zuma also said that political power without the control of the economy did not mean anything.

It was important that South Africa controlled the economy, he added.