The Economic Freedom Fighters said that people like Zuma and Myeni have caused corruption to reach untenable levels in public institutions.

EFF demanded of Pres Zuma and Myeni to report corruption and its perpetrators with immediate effect or face charges of being aware of corruption and not reporting it themselves.

The threat follows Pres. Zuma’s remark about corruption where he was quoted to have said:

“…They say Zuma steals while they are the worst thieves. They have investigated me all over but they are finding nothing because I’m not doing anything. If they have found anything, it would be over (for me). Those are the thieves and I know they are stealing. I’m just watching them. I know them.“

Dudu Myeni also made a similar statement while she was addressing parliament portfolio committee of public enterprises. The SAA board chairperson reportedly stated that she knows those who are corrupt and stealing public funds.

With respect to that, EFF charged that Mr. President and the SAA board chairperson must come forward and expose the corrupt individuals they referred to in their comments.

To them, it’s uncool for both to keep silent while corruption is ruining the country. “Their silence is complicity of their highest order taken their status in our society,” indicated the fighters.

EFF further stated:

“Our law is very clear that if you are aware of crime you must report it, including corruption. Thus, Jacob Zuma and Dudu Myeni must immediately report the persons who are stealing public funds. Otherwise, the EFF will lay charges against them for knowing of crime and not reporting it. Being at the helm of important institutions they should know the urgency of protecting public funds, securing the rule of law and the public purse.

Zuma in particular, who faces hundreds of allegations of corruption, must make sure to come out as soon as possible or suffer another charge of knowing about crime and not reporting it. This will unnecessarily increase his woes; he can therefore simply avoid an additional charge by reporting those persons to the police and submit any evidence or information that will help lead to their conviction.”