The US president Donald Trump has once again made public his intention of coming for what he calls “corrupt African leaders and Dictators”

Speaking from the White House, Pres. Trump said World leaders seem to be only interested in ending terrorism, forgetting corrupt dictators in Africa that need to answer for their inhuman leadership.

The US president called on the International Criminal Court to help Africans fight a war they can’t fight alone.

President Trump said he is going to make sure he puts behind bars these African presidents.

  • Swaziland King Mswati III, Omar Al-Bashir.
  • President of Sudan, José Eduardo dos Santos.
  • President of Angola, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.
  • President of Equatorial Guinea.
  • President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni.
  • President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe.
  •  South African president Jacob Zuma.

Pres. Trump said,

“I promised to deal with corrupt leaders and I will make sure these 7 corrupt African Heads of States are brought before the International Criminal Court. For example, the guy from South Africa, Jacob, he faced over 783 corruption charges but got convicted of none. That will not happen under my watch,” he said.

While addressing war veterans in a speech in Washington, Pres. Trump warned the other dictators across Africa who want to die in power, that it’s just a matter of time before they face justice for their crimes.

“I want to reiterate here before America’s greatest heroes that I will not condone any dictatorial tendencies exhibited by dictators around the world especially the three old men from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Uganda,” Pres Trump stated.

Zim. President Mugabe responded by saying:

“Recently that madman that just became American President said he’ll arrest some African Presidents including my brother Yoweri and myself and lock us in his imaginary prison, we are waiting for you.

“May I state here that Trump will never take us anywhere because we Africans are the strongest and fearless in the universe. I wish everyone to know that I have nothing to fear and I want to tell the world that Hitler’s descendant (Trump) has taken after him ,” President Mugabe said.

Many Zimbabweans are alleging that president Mugabe is very careful when choosing his treatment destinations as he is very scared of what could happen if he goes to the West.

President Zuma is yet to respond as the political tension in South Africa seems to be high.

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