On the 8 of August, President Jacob Zuma defeated another motion of no confidence tabled against him by the Democratic Alliance.

The outcome of the may not be welcomed by a lay number of South Africans, especially for those who looked forward to a quick end of the Zuma era.

As for Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe, ANC remains the best fit for South Africans.

”Whether South  Africans like it or not, his country will always be supportive of the Zuma administration.

“ANC and President Jacob Zuma; whatever the South Africans or some from Zimbabwe might say about him, we will just relate to him in a proper way as he is the current President of the ANC,”

“It is with the ANC that we have, for a long time, had a partnership. It is that which we continue to relate to; with those either in Zambia, Angola, South Africa. (They) remain our comrades because we were in the same trenches with them,” said President Mugabe.

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