“When South Africans marched under the leadership of the opposition parties at the National Day of Action … I advised that we cannot march forever‚ but that we must find a way to converge under one roof to discuss South Africa’s future‚” said Holomisa.

In a statement‚ Holomisa said the summit is meant to address some of the country’s problems‚ such as “land‚ economy‚ employment‚ corruption‚ good governance‚ education‚ health”.

He also said the electoral system and political party funding should be scrutinised.

He said his party is of the view that there must be a vehicle that will provide a safe space for all stakeholders – irrespective of political affiliation – to assemble and hammer out a common vision for South Africa.

“South Africa is at a crossroad and is in urgent need of visionary leadership who provides guidance in finding lasting solutions to the challenges we face. The uprisings‚ as expressed through peaceful marches‚ reflect a deep-seated frustration about the direction the country is taking‚” he said.

Holomisa was one of the political leaders who organised last week’s march by political parties to demand that Zuma leave office.