Police Minister Nathi Nhleko who is accused of giving contracts of over R30 million to his girlfriend, has questioned the origin of the story saying its a lie.

While answering questions from the Parliament’s police portfolio committee earlier today, the Police Minister said its all lies;

“It is a lie and continues to be a lie. What fascinates me largely is why the lie has been told, at what price and for who’s benefit? In the annual report this portfolio committee dealt with, there’s no stating of the R30 million and in the AG’s work there is no R30 million. So where does it come from?”

Regarding his Ipid issues, the Ministers refused answering questions in regards to that;In his opening,

“We wouldn’t want to deal with that issue outside of the directives of Parliament. For example, there’s this particular process that has got to be started. We feel that any other discussion outside of that designated practice borders on unfair labour practices.”