The pig snout that was left on the gate of a mosque in Smon’s Town, Cape Town. (Facebook)

Muslim Judicial Council [MJC] has in strong terms condemned a case of Islamaphobia in Simon’s Town after a pig’s nose and blood was left on the door of a mosque on Saturday.

According to Ghalib Jonker who posted it on Facebook: “Some terrible news. This morning after Fajr a pig’s nose and blood was left on the Simon’s Town Mosque door…the police were called and they said that there is nothing they can do so they are not opening a case”.

He pleaded that those who are responsible for the act be brought to justice.

 The MJC’s Moulana AK Allie confirmed that the attack had taken place.

“The MJC condemns violations of human dignity in all forms irrespective of religion and in this regard I can say that the matter is under investigation,” he said.

“We condemn this violation and we stand up for all religions in our country. We have called on our community to deal with this in a discerning matter while abiding by the laws of the land. We want the authorities to bring whoever is responsible to book.”