Outspoken Julius Malema on Friday issued a lesson in politics‚ expressing his views on everything from veteran politician Helen Zille to land reform.

The Economic Freedom Fighters Malema shared his thoughts during an interview with 702 radio host Eusebius McKaiser.

Malema said that the Democratic Alliance (DA) is egg-walking around Helen Zille.

He said that the DA led by Mmusi Maimane is doing what the ANC did by egg-walking around Zille.

He said that Zille must be removed as the premier of the Western Cape.

Malema didn’t mince his words on the question of land redistribution‚

He said the white people – should share the land. The state should be a custodian of the land and allocate it to all of us.

Juju said many black South Africans are homeless because they do not have land.

Asked for his stance on the notion of land expropriation without compensation‚ Malema said the constitution should be amended in order for the state to own and freely distribute land.

But this must be a “peaceful” conversation.

“The white people came here uninvited. They have been naturalised here and we accepted them into our midst‚ so things should be peacefully sorted” Malema said.

“If there is land not allocated to any purpose, it should be distributed accordingly, not by force. We should not buy the land as it was taken through genocide. We will be thanking them for killing black people. All we want is peace, justice and the way forward for all South Africans both blacks and whites,” the CIC concluded.

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