President Jacob Zuma has agreed to a recommendation that a number of bearers of public office, including himself, not be paid a salary increase for the 2016/17 year. The Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers made the recommendation.

Earlier this year, the National Assembly approved a salary increase for Zuma of R2.87-million a year, despite criticism from opposition parties.

But the president accepted the recommendation by the commission, which also said that the following public officials would not receive an increase:

  • All members of the executive (the president, deputy president, ministers and deputy ministers),
  • All members of Parliament,
  • All members of the provincial executive and legislature,
  • All judges,
  • Officials in local government, from executive mayors to whips,
  • Traditional leaders, from kings/queens to the full-time deputy chairperson of the Provincial House of Traditional Leaders

A 4% cost of living increase was recommended for municipal councillors, while a 6% recommendation was made for magistrates and full-time members of the National House of Traditional Leaders and the Provincial House of Traditional Healers.

Salary increases for public officials have to be signed off by Zuma.