While the state battles with the investigation report of the alleged state capture, South Africa’s corruption Watch announced its plans to lay charges against South African Revenue Service (SARS) boss Tom Moyane for allegedly failing to take action against two senior employees.

The organization related its plans  for the charges saying it would be done in accordance with the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act.

Corruption Watch spokesperson Patience Mkosana said on Wednesday that Moyane is obliged to report knowledge or even mere suspicion of corrupt transactions over R100 000 to the Hawks.

“As an official who holds a position of authority, Moyane is obliged to report knowledge or even mere suspicion of corrupt transactions over R100 000 to the DPCI [Hawks].

It was earlier reported that Tom Moyane who is SARS commissioner allegedly ignored complaints that suspended Sars chief officer of business and individual tax, Jonas Makwakwa, signed off on the irregular promotion for his girlfriend, Kelly-Ann Elskie, for a key job in the organization’s legal and policy division.

The organization on its own part allegedly failed to look into complaints that Elskie was not qualified for the post she was given. The 28-year -old lady was given the post of junior consultant, legal and policy even though she allegedly lacked a degree in law needed for that post.

It was also alleged that Makwakwa created the new position, budgeted for it, and signed off for her. A while longer, Elskie was suspended after she was entrapped of nepotism and a series of payments totaling R1m paid into her and Makwakwa’s bank accounts.

The huge sum was paid over a period of about six months and was picked up by the Financial Intelligence Centre.

Meanwhile, the SA corruption watch said it had sent a letter to Moyane on Wednesday concerning the matter especially on his failure to act decisively on the Financial Intelligence Centre’s findings, contained in a report.

The organization’s Mkosana said Corruption Watch disputed Moyane’s claim that the matter was an internal one and did not require reporting Elskie and Makwakwa to the Hawks.

“His failure to take appropriate action was unlawful,”, Mkosana said while Sars spokesperson Sandile Memela said he would respond later.

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