News reaching us is that one of South Africa’s largest chicken producers Rainbow Chickens is on the verge of selling 15 out of its 25 farms as a result of economic issues and the large quantity of chickens been imported into the country.

According to the managing director of the company Scott Pitman, he said that the decision to fire all this people will be the most difficult thing he is to do in his career;

“Letting 1 350 people go at the end of the month will be the saddest day in my career. How do you get rid of people who have given you loyal service, some as long as 40 years?” he asked

He also blamed the government for not doing enough to stop the massive dumping of chickens from the EU into South Africa just like it was done in Nigeria;

The “brown portions” (the thighs and drumsticks) were then sold off at cut price – finding their way to developing world markets such as South Africa, where they were sold cheaper than what was locally produced.

“Our company’s troubles could end and jobs saved overnight if the government placed tighter regulations on imports,” said Pitman.