Julius Malema says it’s time South African comedian, television/radio host, and actor, Noah Trevor stopped imitating him.

It is no news that Trevor enjoys picking on Malema in most of his stand-up shows – in fact, at some other times, the renowned comedian goes as far as impersonating him before his mammoth fans.

Malema has downplayed the Daily Show host’s comic darts. He said after watching the comedian imitating him in one his shows, he [Malema] realized that Trevor wasn’t succeeding at all, neither was he making sense.

“I realize I am a very difficult person to imitate. Even Trevor is not succeeding. He’s not winning,” Juju told Anele Mdoda during an interview on Real Talk.

Trevor Noah was born in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He is popularly known for pushing boundaries in comedy. On stage, Noah is also provocative and spares no one, including himself. In August, the comedian compared Donald Trump to Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema; likening his place of birth to the world where “politicians are uncontrollable”.

“…you put them in the right position, you get them in the right place, and you realise that controlling them is not something that is manageable. here were people who thought they could control Julius Malema. There were people who thought they could control Jacob Zuma. But you come to realize that when you put the wrong man in the right place he can do the utmost damage,” Noah Trevor said.

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