According to Numsa, it blames white monopoly on how things are in the country especially for black people.

In its Secretariat Report for 2016, Numsa said;

“Colonialism of a Special Type” continues to exist in the country. “The stranglehold of a small number of white monopoly capitalists over the great bulk of SA’s wealth and resources is based on colonial dispossession and promotes racial oppression,” it said.

“We the working class,” Numsa says, “have no illusions about the post-1994 South Africa. It is a racist capitalist country with the world’s most extreme levels of inequality.”

Numsa in its report calls for a “giant, militant, worker-controlled national trade union federation of the working class”. This will be a direct competition with trade union federation Cosatu.

“We have no illusions that giving birth to a socialist revolutionary political party of the working class will be easy and a one-day affair,” Numsa says.